Jill Pearns – 2018 Spark-of-Awesome MOM Award Honoree

As the mom of a son with Down syndrome, Jill Pearns has devoted herself to helping all children with special needs.

Jill, who spends her days as a special education consultant, is extremely involved in helping her son, as well as many others with special needs. She has risen to become a public leader within the Down syndrome community and has long been a role model, all without ever expecting anything in return.

Jill has spearheaded numerous efforts within the special needs education field and is a cornerstone within the North Valley. Every parent of a child with special needs has been directly and positively impacted by Jill in one way or another.

One of the ways Jill has helped people with Down syndrome and their families is by creating a respite group. All of the individuals in the program have Down syndrome and thanks to Jill, they are involved in basketball, yoga and a walking club, along with equine therapy and going to the library to work on reading skills.

Despite a challenging upbringing and difficulties with the education system when it comes to teaching students with special needs, Jill has remained positive and determined to help her son in whatever way she can. Described by those who know her as “the glue of the family,” Jill is truly an amazing woman.


Jill Pearns and her son, Jaz Pearns
Jill Pearns and her son, Jaz Pearns