ZooLights – Rules of the Road

  • Only vehicles will be allowed into ZooLights.
  • For guest safety, all tailgates, van/car doors and hatchbacks must remain closed at all times.
  • Riding in the back of a pickup truck is not permitted.
  • Guests must remain in their vehicle at all times.
  • All vehicles must follow the guided route.
  • The speed limit is a tortoise-like 4 mph.
  • Vehicle size must be no larger than a full-size long bed truck.
  • Max vehicle specs are: 266″ L x 81″ W x 74″ H.
  • Motorcycles are permitted as long as guests remain seated at all times.
  • Passing is not permitted at any time.
  • Bicycles, skates, skateboards or scooters are not permitted. This is a motorized vehicle experience.

Drive through ZooLights – Additional Rules and Regulations

  • Feel free to decorate your vehicle. No balloons, please.
  • Loud noises are not permitted, including honking, music and yelling.
  • Guest should not attempt to feed the animals as they receive a healthy diet from their zookeepers.
  • Guest are expected to keep everything in their car (waste from food and beverage) and when they leave Zoo grounds, properly dispose of your waste in a trash can or recycle container.
  • Pets are not allowed – please advise in advance if certified service animals will be present , all service animals must be vetted by park ranger staff before entry.

Smoking Policy

  • The Phoenix Zoo is a Non-Smoking Facility. Guests will be asked to refrain from smoking while on zoo grounds.