Aging Matters: Growing Older with Down Syndrome
Aging Matters: Growing Older with Down Syndrome
Aging Matters is a program for adults with Down syndrome (ages 18+) and their families/caregivers. Aging really does matter and the quality of life for our aging population should be the BEST:

B – Better Socialization
E – Exercise and Healthy Eating Awareness
S – Self Expression through Music and Art
T – Time for FUN with Peers

Each Aging Matters program is specifically tailored to helping individuals and families navigate each stage of adulthood – from high school transition to old age. Programs are dementia-capable and focus on providing individuals with inclusive community opportunities and experiences that enhance their quality of life and lead to self-fulfilled adulthoods. Caregivers can come together to network and connect, and learn more about each stage of the aging process through our caregiver support programs and workshops.


Transportation and respite care are available to participants with Down syndrome and their families at no cost to you! DSNetwork can assist you with travel arrangements by personally picking up/dropping off your loved one at one of three convenient valley-wide locations and taking them to the scheduled activity. Respite care is provided by Absolute HCBS and trained DSNetwork volunteers.

Learn more about our free transportation and respite service here.

Of course, parents and caregivers are always welcome to transport their loved ones and stay with them throughout the event.

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