Ever since getting involved with the Down Syndrome Network at least a decade ago, Chad and his mother Vickie have enjoy taking part in many of the programs, both together and separately. For Chad, he especially enjoys being part of the young adult group, as well as the chance to meet new friends and participate in activities geared for people his age. The fact that Down Syndrome Network offers a wide variety of activities for people of all ages really appeals to the mother and son duo.
“They show a lot of support for Chad and others who have Down syndrome as they get older,” Vickie said, adding she found the information shared at the annual Aging Matters conference to be especially helpful.
Vickie, who is the founder of a day program called Extended Family Disability Services for adults with varying disabilities, knows the importance of keeping the mind active.
“My son graduated from high school in 2005,” Vickie said, adding how difficult it was to find a day program she I felt was an idea fit for him. That is when she decided to launch her own day program. Vickie has been able to extend her program’s services to the Down Syndrome Network, including organizing a popular Halloween party for young adults.
Chad, who is now 34, stays busy working at the family business as well as participating in DSNetwork programs and activities. “I love to bowl and go to the movies every week with my friends,” Chad said.
Vickie said she appreciates how DSNetwork recognizes that parents do things differently with their child. “For me and Chad, they are really a wealth of information.”