Beth, who will turn 50 in September, lives with her sister Sarah, who has been Beth’s guardian and caregiver ever since their elderly parents passed away. The two have found friendship, support and plenty of enjoyable activities and programs through the Down Syndrome Network.

“I feel it is just as important for Beth to affiliate with her peers as it is for me to meet other family members of people with Down syndrome,” Sarah said. “As Beth gets older, I can also talk to other family members of adults with Down syndrome and determine if some of what she is going through is normal and part of aging, or is it something I need to check into.”

Beth enjoys the different types of activities through the Aging Matters program, including doing art work and playing musical instruments. In addition to being part of the Aging Matters program, Beth said she has especially enjoyed going to the annual conference in the fall, which is hosted by Down Syndrome Network. She loves to network and share stories and tell jokes with other people who are attending.

“I painted a pretty picture,” Beth said proudly, adding that she also likes playing games involving trivia questions. “I have made some new friends,” she added.

“Beth is in one of the first generations of people with Down syndrome who are reaching middle or late age. Without the Down Syndrome Network, she would feel isolated, and I would feel like I was flying along by myself in caring for her, Sarah said. “Now, I feel like we are not alone on this journey.”