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Reimagining Learning for Students with Disabilities

Article written and contributed by Karla Phillips-Krivickas Reimagining Learning for Students with Disabilities: A COVID Crisis Silver Lining Guest Contributor August 7, 2020 5 min read Add comment My daughter is returning to school next week after five months at home, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m glad Arizona has given parents a choice in [...]

Addressing Systemic Racism

Addressing Systemic Racism In response to the killing of George Floyd and other black individuals in recent weeks and the impact of systemic racism on our society, NDSC released a statement that condemns systemic racism and recognizes that as an organization, we need to do more.  The statement was followed by a video from Executive Director, David Tolleson pledging NDSC’s support of the [...]

Tips for Running for Office for People with Disabilities

Article written and contributed by: Ed Carter | | Running for office is an exciting process, but every candidate needs to make solid strategies for a good foundation. For a successful run, do some research into what all is involved with becoming elected to a political office, assemble a team of helpers, and think about what your [...]


10 min PODCAST: Errorless Learning for Distance Learning Presenters: Alyssa, Special Education Teacher and Catherine Witcher, Master IEP Coach Learn more from Catherine: Learn More from Alyssa & Get Dozens of Freebies at: Grab Your Free IEP Checklist: Virtual IEP Meeting Prep Presenter: Catherine Witcher, Master IEP Coach

COVID-19 Updates

DID YOU KNOW? DSNetwork has been able to continue offering some of its programs via Virtual Zoom Groups. Visit our event page for up-to-date opportunities. Click here for calendar of events Resources During This Uncertain Time For more than 40 years, Raising Special Kids has been providing assistance and credible resources for Arizona families. [...]

Demetrius & Juliette

"I have been a part of your network for over 9 years now. Ever since my son Demetrius and daughter Juliette blessed our family, I closely follow your events and have attended many of them. I have even had the opportunity to see their pictures on your website and brochures in the past. They have been a part of [...]

Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Joshua “the Dude”

Joshua "the Dude" feels honored to be a 2019 Buddy Walk Ambassador Joshua has walked in the Buddy Walk every year with his amazing team of supporters. Joshua loves walking in the parade and being given recognition from the crowd, he gives out many high fives! Team Joshua loves to be part of DSNetwork and all that it has [...]

Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Zachary

Zachary is excited to be a 2019 Buddy Walk Arizona Ambassador! Zachary and his family walk to be a part of our amazing community and to be an example of how people with Down syndrome are more alike than different. Zachary feels special when he walks with his family, friends and Down syndrome community. Zachary is a huge ASU [...]

Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Marcus

Meet Marcus, a 2019 Buddy Walk Arizona Ambassador! Marcus' family feels DSNetwork and the Buddy Walk is a true blessing. When they first found out they were going to be having a son with Down syndrome, they were very scared and nervous. "We went to the ultrasound to find out what the sex of our baby and was given [...]

Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Jax

Jax is a 2019 Buddy Walk Ambassador! Although Jax is only 5 years old, DSNetwork's Buddy Walk has become an annual event that is very important to his family.  They walk each year for several reasons.  They walk to celebrate not only Jax, but the amazing community of family and friends who have rallied over the years by supporting [...]

Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Erica

What it means to Erica to be one of the 2019 Buddy Walk Arizona Ambassador! As an ambassador in this year’s Buddy Walk, I hope my life aspires others to live the dream of living their best life, being kind to others and just being the best person they can be, just like how I live my daily life," [...]

Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Janae

Janae is a 2019 Buddy Walk Arizona Ambassador! "The Buddy walk means that I walk to raise money for DS NETWORK and have fun with my family and friends," Janae says. "I love working for DSNetwork and attending their fun activities and outings. Janae loves being part of the Buddy Walk; her favorite part is walking in the parade [...]

Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Edith Mae

Edith Mae is a 2019 Buddy Walk Arizona Ambassador! Edith's family walk for her to acknowledge she and her friends are all more alike than different. They started doing the Buddy Walk when Edith was 1 and it truly means the world to them to know that so many people love, care and support Edith and her family. They [...]