Something about my Jakey that makes me feel really proud is his display of good manners.  Sometimes it just blows me away!  His two typical brothers could learn a thing or two from him in regards to being polite, being a gentleman, and also being responsible.  Here is what he does that makes my heart smile…

Often times when walking into the school, or a store, or even our house, he will hurry to get there before me, and then he will hold the door open and say, “Ladies first.”  Wow!  My other two boys will open a door just wide enough to fit through, and then let it close, totally oblivious to who is behind them.  Way to go Jake!

He has also recently taken to saying: “Aww, sweetheart.  That’s so nice”, before planting a big kiss on me.  Where does he get this from?  I’m not sure.  It could be all the romance he watches on his favorite show, Fuller House.  But wherever he learned it from, I’m one lucky mommy to be the recipient of  his love.

Another example, is when I serve dinner, he is the very first to compliment me on it.  And he also makes a point to thank me.  It will sound something like this, “Thank you Mommy for this really good dinner.  You are the BEST!”  It melts my heart!  And my other boys kind of look at each other and will then acknowledge, “Oh yeah mom, thanks for dinner.”

When I do something that he thinks is funny, he cracks up and says, “Oh good one mommy, good one!”  Then he gives me a kiss.  You’d think I was a comedian, which clearly, I’m not.

And finally, he enjoys helping and doing chores around the house.  He happily sits with me to fold laundry.  He happily takes on the chore of recycling.  And he will happily help with anything and everything he can in the kitchen.  What a pleasure it is, rather than a sibling who will do it, but only after whining and complaining about it.

It is just so amazing to me how these social graces come naturally to him, but seem to need to be specifically taught to my other boys.  Jake has a different level of appreciation, consideration of others, and thoughtfulness than his typical siblings.  Now, it sounds like I’m making my other boys sound unappreciative or spoiled.  That’s unfair of me because they are pretty amazing kids as well.  They work hard and are great students.  They are sweet, most of the time.  They are usually very well behaved (except for at home.).  However, Jake just has this internal compass that steers him toward sweet manners and thoughtfulness.  It is the best trait and I love it!!  Lucky me…

Written and submitted by Michele Lipovitch