2020 Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Jonathan

Jonathan is happy to be named a Buddy Walk Ambassador this year by Down Syndrome Network AZ. Jonathan’s, mom Jill remembers discovering that Jon had Down syndrome when she was in recovery from his birth in 2002.  She had not learned yet about the wonderful life change Jonathan would bring to her family.  She did [...]

2020 Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Rodger

Rodger is super excited and honored to be an Ambassador of this year's Buddy Walk! He doesn’t let Down syndrome keep him from doing what he loves, and he loves to live his life to the fullest. Rodger is a Special Olympics gold medalist. He enjoys a wide range of sports, including unified volleyball, golf, tennis, kayaking, tennis [...]

2020 Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Vivienne

This is Vivienne Kissler and she is one of this year's Buddy Walk Ambassadors for the Down Syndrome Network Arizona! She has been a part of the Buddy Walk since she was 7 months. It is one of Vivienne's favorite events where she loves to see her friends and meet new friends. Raising donations for [...]

2020 Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Abby

Abby's family is participating in the 2020 Buddy Walk to support inclusion for people with Down Syndrome. Abby, who her mom affectionately calls 'Booboo', is 16-years old and has Down Syndrome. "We did not know about Abby’s diagnosis until she was born," say Abby's mom Veronica. "There definitely was a period of adjustment for us...we [...]

2020 Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Sam

Sam is 27 years old. He and his family have been part of Down Syndrome Network since day one. In 2002 a group of parents (Sam's included) of children with Down syndrome got together to discuss the sometimes confusing situations that arise while raising a child with Down syndrome. From that discussion, Down Syndrome Network [...]

2020 Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Giovany

Gio’s family is very excited to be part of the Buddy Walk. They look forward to this day every year. The walk has shown them as a family how much love and support their son has. During the walk the support from our community, family and friends is so inspiring and really makes them feel [...]

2020 Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Annie & Rose

Annie and Rose are excited about being Ambassadors for DSNetwork's Buddy Walk. They have been friends for over 20 years. They met in high school when they lived in California. When Annie’s family moved to Arizona, Annie’s mom adopted Rose. They enjoy many activities together. They especially like DSNetwork's Xcell program. They have done many [...]

2020 Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Maya

Maya's family has been walking in the Buddy Walk since Maya was a baby.  Over time they have realized how important it is to walk and share with our community how proud they are of individuals who have Down syndrome, like Maya. The enthusiasm that Maya shows about life is one of the most important [...]

2020 Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Aiden

Aiden's mom is part of the Buddy Walk because she was blessed with the opportunity to be a mother to a child with Down syndrome, she walks because she is proud, she walks so that her son's voice could one day be heard, she walks to show him that this world loves him, she walks [...]

2019 Buddy Walk Ambassador Stories – Joshua “the Dude”

Joshua "the Dude" feels honored to be a 2019 Buddy Walk Ambassador Joshua has walked in the Buddy Walk every year with his amazing team of supporters. Joshua loves walking in the parade and being given recognition from the crowd, he gives out many high fives! Team Joshua loves to be part of DSNetwork and [...]

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