Meet Marcus, a 2019 Buddy Walk Arizona Ambassador!

Marcus’ family feels DSNetwork and the Buddy Walk is a true blessing. When they first found out they were going to be having a son with Down syndrome, they were very scared and nervous.

“We went to the ultrasound to find out what the sex of our baby and was given the news there was a 1 in 20 chance he might have Down syndrome,” Marcus’ parents recall. “It took us by complete surprise. It’s not something you expect. We ended up getting the amniocentesis to find out with better certainty if he did have Down syndrome or not.”

They received the news a few days later that he did indeed have Down syndrome. They didn’t know what to do and didn’t know anyone with Down syndrome. That’s when they turned to DSNetwork for help. They attended their first Buddy Walk, while Carie was pregnant with Marcus back in 2007.

“We were able to meet other families and kids with Down Syndrome,” they said. “This really helped us feel more at ease and helped us understand more of what we were going to experience. Having a child is a complete blessing. To find out he has Down syndrome can be a bit scary, but with a community to show you how beautiful that child can be is awesome.”

Marcus and his family walk and support the Buddy Walk and DSNetwork to help continue raise awareness for other families who might be where they once were. To show them that even though it can be scary at times, there are resources available to help that child lead an extremely fulfilling life!

View Marcus' Team Page
View Marcus' Team Page